Seeing underwear number and cover preview

Seeing underwear number and cover preview

Seeing underwear number and cover preview

What is sexy underwear number?

The sexy underwear number is a number system for the sexy underwear industry. It is usually composed of letters and numbers, with the only identification of each sexy underwear.Using a number can easily and quickly identify each sexy underwear.Interest underwear numbers are often used in sales, collection, classification, and communication.


The format of sexy underwear numbers is usually a combination of letters and numbers, and some numbers also include short horizontal or downward lines.Among them, letters represent underwear brands or types, and numbers represent specific models or versions.For example, Jav-123, SPRD-456, DASD_789.

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The importance of sexy underwear numbers

As the sole identifier of sexy underwear, sexy underwear has a considerable importance.Through the number, we can quickly find the need for the sexy underwear to facilitate the purchase and management.At the same time, when communicating and sharing sex underwear, the number can also play a unified standard.


Sex underwear numbers are usually divided into three types: AV number, photo number, and corporate number.Among them, the AV number is mainly used to represent sexy underwear videos, and the photo number refers to sex underwear photo, and the company’s number can be a number of sexy underwear brands or series.

Funeral underwear cover preview

The cover of sex underwear is one of the important part of sex underwear.The cover of sexy underwear is usually color photos or illustrations to show and promote the style and style of sexy underwear.Through the cover of sex underwear, we can roughly understand the styles, colors, design and applicable people of Qingqu underwear.

Adult erotic underwear cover characteristics

Adult sex lingerie cover usually uses a more sexy, exposed or cartoon image to attract consumers’ attention to increase sales volume.Common adult sexy underwear covers include women wearing sexy underwear and making various sexy postures or expressions.

European and American sex lingerie cover characteristics


European and American sex lingerie cover usually emphasizes high -quality, high -end and sexy characteristics.Usually use a relatively simple design, or the image of the star models to promote the quality of sexy underwear.

Features of Asian sexy underwear cover

The cover of Asian erotic underwear is usually inclined to create a cute girl or a fresh image, rather than emphasizing sexy.Cover photos usually create a fresh, cute and colorful feeling.

Fun underwear number and cover preview of the cover

Through the number and cover preview of sexy underwear, we can better understand the type, nature and characteristics of sexy underwear.At the same time, in the process of purchasing, collecting and managing sexy underwear, the number and cover can also provide convenience.Of course, when appreciating and sharing sex underwear, the number and cover can also bring better communication and communication.Therefore, the number and cover preview of sexy underwear are very important.


Fun underwear number and cover preview are one of the very important components of the sex underwear industry.They can provide convenience for consumers, and can also provide support for the sales and exchanges of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is very necessary to master the number and cover of sexy underwear.