Is there so many women wearing fun underwear?

Is there so many women wearing fun underwear?


Interest underwear is a special women’s underwear that originated in Europe and the United States.As a relatively private underwear, the number and proportion of sexy underwear have always been concerned.So, is there so many women wearing sexy underwear?

Definition of sexy underwear

First of all, we need to clarify the definition of sexy underwear.Sex underwear is designed to satisfy the sex life in the relationship between couples and husbands and wives.Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear emphasizes sexy, temptation, gender suggestion and other elements.It usually presents the charm of women in a more exposed, sexy, and public way.

Fun underwear market size

Now, the sex underwear market has gradually matured and the market demand is stable.According to statistics, the proportion of the sexy underwear market is expanding, and there is a scale of tens of billions of billions in the Chinese market alone.It can be seen that sexy underwear has broad market space and demand.

The proportion of women wearing sexy underwear

Although the sexy underwear market is large, women wearing sexy underwear do not account for the majority.A survey shows that about 30 % of women will buy sexy underwear, and only some of them will wear frequent, long -term or sexy underwear.Consumers’ purchase of sexy underwear is mainly concentrated in special days such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary.

Women wearing sexy underwear distribution

Women wearing erotic underwear are usually distributed between 20 and 40 years old and are mainly married women.This is because married women often pay more attention to the quality of sexual life of themselves and their partners, so sexy underwear is a way to enhance sexual interest and began to be valued by these women.

Scene of sex underwear

The scene of sexy underwear is also very rich.Some women are wearing sexy underwear just to create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere in romantic occasions, and some women will wear sexy underwear on the bed to stimulate their partners.No matter what kind of occasion, wearing sexy underwear can bring beauty and confidence to women, and also mobilize the sexual desire of both parties.

Falling underwear style and style

The style and style of sexy underwear are also very rich.Common ones are lace, silk, transparent, net eye, including three -point, jumpsuit, dress and other styles, as well as various colors.

The effect of sexy underwear on women’s personality

Studies have shown that women wearing sexy underwear usually change their personality.They will become more confident, more open, and dare to try new things.Interest underwear can enhance the beauty of women, improve the sexual attractiveness of women, and make them more initiative and creative in sex.

The risk of wearing sexy underwear will bring

Although the effect of sexy underwear wearing will bring aesthetic and sexual attractive improvement, it also needs to pay attention to the risks it brings.If you wear improper wear, it will cause risks such as scratches and allergies.In addition, the materials commonly used in sexy underwear also need to pay attention to, some opaque materials may lead to skin allergies.


In summary, the market size of the sexy underwear is large, but the number of women wearing sexy underwear has not met expectations.Sex underwear has a certain impact on women’s personality, but wearing sex underwear has certain risks.Therefore, we should rationally treat sexy underwear such as sexy underwear and choose suitable products and timing.

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