Is it easy to be torn in sexy underwear?

Brief introduction

As a prop to increase sex, sexy underwear has been loved by young people in recent years, but many people have doubts about the quality of sexy underwear, especially worrying about whether love underwear is easily torn.This article will explore whether sexy underwear is easily torn and how to avoid sexual underwear.

Falling underwear material

Most of the sexy underwear is made of lace, silk and other materials. These materials are soft and comfortable, and the appearance is also more beautiful and sexy.But the disadvantages of these materials are relatively fragile and easy to tear.


There are many reasons for the tear of sexy underwear. The most common of which are improper wear or improper washing.If you wear too hard or pull, it is easy to cause the material to be torn out of unevenness.Similarly, if you use too strong detergent or machine washing during the washing process, it will cause the errors of sexy underwear to be torn.

How to avoid sexy underwear being torn

In order to avoid errors of sexy underwear, we can take the following measures:

Put correctly: When wearing sexy underwear, avoid too much force, especially the more fragile materials such as lace.

Hand washing is mainly: It is best to use a hand -washing method in erotic underwear. Use a special cleaning agent during washing. Do not use strong detergents.

Category washing: If you need machine washing, it is best to wash sexy underwear separately. Do not wash it with other clothes.

Pay attention to storage: Interesting underwear should be placed in ventilation, dryness, and cool places, and do not place it directly in the sun.

How to repair the rotten erotic underwear

If there is a situation of tearing in sex underwear, we can try the following methods to repair:

Slim supplement: If it is smaller to tear, you can use a needle wire sewing to repair it.

Line: If it is large to tear, you can choose to lined on the torn part, while avoiding wearing and accelerating tearing again.

Discarding: If the rot is serious, it is recommended to discard it to avoid hidden safety hazards in the next use.

How to choose more quality of sexy underwear

If you want to avoid errors, we can also reduce the possibility of tearing by selecting better quality and sexy underwear.

Buy regular channels: We can choose to buy at regular sexy underwear shops or brand official website to avoid buying poor quality sexy underwear.

Understand the brand: When choosing a sexy underwear, you can learn more about the characteristics of the sexy underwear of different brands and choose a brand with better quality.

Details Observation: When choosing sexy underwear, you can observe from two aspects in the inside and outside. The workmanship and fabrics in the details are important indicators to judge the quality of sexy underwear.


The material of sexy underwear is relatively fragile and prone to tear, but we can pay attention and maintenance from wearing, washing, and storage to avoid torn of sexy underwear.If there is a situation of tearing, we can repair it by sewing, lining, discarding and other methods.You can also choose to buy better quality of sexy underwear by selecting brands, formal channels, and observation, and improve the experience of sexy underwear.

Finally, remind everyone that sexy underwear is a prop, and you need to pay attention to safety when using it to avoid safety issues caused by improper use.

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