Falling underwear Arabic style

Falling underwear Arabic style


Interest underwear is one of the important ways to show sexy and romantic women, and it is also the most rich female clothing.Early sexy underwear is mainly Western style, but with the diversification and internationalization of culture, more and more brands have begun to pay attention to the expression of regional style.Among them, Arabic’s sexy underwear is known for its elegant and gorgeous, exotic design and style.

Silk material

In Arabic’s sexy underwear, the use of silk materials is very common.The Arabs like to use silk robes, so it is natural to apply this luxury material to the design of sexy underwear.

Complicated handmade embroidery

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Arabic -style sexy underwear usually has ever -changing patterns, and most of them are made by hand, making this sexy underwear look more high and complicated.Among them, embroidery with gold and silver lines is even more common. These pattern patterns can be expressed on multiple details on underwear and underwear.

hollow-carved design

In Arabic underwear, hollow design is a very distinctive element.In some sexy underwear, use lace, webbing and other materials to create a large area of hollowing out.This design has been widely praised for its elegance and exquisite.

Other design elements

Arabic -style sexy underwear usually has a variety of design elements.In some sexy underwear, you can see deep V -neck type and naked design, split -type pants design, and the details of the details that extend from the bottom pants to the underwear.


Arabic -style sexy underwear usually uses black, white, gold, silver, red, gray and other colors, from soft neutral colors to bright bright colors, and the color diversity is extremely high.At the same time, gold and silver lines and inlaid gems are used for fabrics, adding gorgeous and noble temperament to these sexy underwear.


Arabic -style sexy underwear is suitable for people of different styles.People with restrained style can choose low -saturated colors and simple design, and people who are suitable for fashion styles can try colorful design and exquisite patterns.


Fashion matching

Arabic -style sexy underwear can be paired with different clothing.Especially when wearing shorts in the summer, a shiny erotic underwear can be paired with a leather skirt or high -waisted denim shorts, which is unforgettable.

Dressed details

Pay attention to details when wearing Arabic -style sexy underwear.First of all, choosing the right size is the most basic step, otherwise it will affect the wear effect.In addition, the longer detail design should be paid to preventing the details.


The Arabic -style sexy underwear is very popular with its complicated design and exotic elements.Different colors, styles and materials can meet people with different styles and preferences.When wearing this sexy underwear, pay attention to the selection of the right size and details, and the satisfactory wearing effect creates a stunning visual effect.